Hi, I’m Zach Haigney. I write The Trip Report to help us understand what the future of psychedelic science, medicine, and spirituality might look like under the force of rapidly accelerating digital health technologies.

Psychedelic therapy combined with neurotechnologies and digital health tools will be the most powerful tools for leveraging the brain’s capacity to change—and thus the most powerful tools for addressing mental health, brain health, and personal transformation.

The Trip Report is for people who are curious, compassionate, fascinated, excited, concerned, and hopeful about legal psychedelics in healthcare, spirituality, and society.

It is a publication for stakeholders of psychedelic science, medicine, and policy that is focused on the intersection of two trends:

  1. The rapid acceleration of psychedelic science, investment, and policy changes

  2. The proliferation of digital technology in healthcare including AI, Digital Therapeutics, and Brain-Computer Interface technology

Psychedelic science, business, and policy are undergoing a massive acceleration. The most prestigious academic institutions are launching psychedelic science centers, investment into psychedelic businesses has surpassed $1 billion, and states and cities are undoing restrictive drug policy laws.

These molecules enable fantastic exploration of one’s own mind and are increasingly shown to improve mental health conditions like depression, PTSD, and addictions.

If psychedelic science and medicine weren’t fascinating enough, the resurgence of this field is coming along at a time when the field of Digital Therapeutics has significantly matured.

Technologies like AI & Machine Learning, Digital Phenotyping, Closed-Loop Neuromodulation, Brain-Computer Interface will feature prominently in the development and roll-out of psychedelic medicines and experiences.

Nearly all of the leading psychedelic drug developers are co-developing digital health technologies that seek to increase efficacy, scalability, and reduce costs.

And some of the best minds in digital medicine and translational neuroscience are turning their attention to psychedelics.

The Trip Report is part industry analysis, part “near-term science non-fiction”, and part philosophy of science.

My aim is to dive deep into these topics and share what I learn in order to catalog and attempt to understand the fascinating dynamics, complexities, challenges, and opportunities at the intersection of psychedelic science and digital therapeutics.

What value do I hope to create for readers?

  1. Regular updates on news and developments at the intersection of psychedelics and technology

  2. What can we glean from these developments that portend the future of psychedelic science, medicine, spirituality, and mysticism?

What People are saying:

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with how thoughtful and articulate you are in your reports. I look forward to reading them every time!—Peter

“Great job on the article today on Digital Therapeutics - I'm so impressed by the research you do and how accessible you make it for a broad audience. Major props.”—Shirelle 

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your invaluable publication. We are currently in talks with a few different companies to be acquired and find your honest opinions to be so insightful.”—Nathan

“I love the Trip Report, thank you for doing what you do! The tone is always entertaining enough to keep me engaged even during blurbs of what I would normally think of as dry material.” —Zach