The Trip Report is a newsletter for the builders of the emerging psychedelic ecosystem that covers the business, policy, and impact of psychedelics.

The psychedelic landscape is changing rapidly.

The pace of news, events, announcements in the psychedelic arena is quickening.

New companies are announced weekly.

Patent applications, therapist training opportunities, the number of psychedelic retreats, and treatment opportunities are growing.

Legislative action and ballot initiatives are emerging across the country like fruiting bodies from the mycelial network.

And none of this comes without growing pains.

The advent of psychedelic medicine, therapy, and biotech is upon us and The Trip Report is here to support the builders of this ecosystem.

The Trip Report Pro

Writing The Trip Report has allowed me to connect to a community and people who share my enthusiasm, hope, and optimism.

Publishing on the news once a week has not been nearly enough to cover all the events, news, deals, and announcements, now that the pace is picking up it is time to follow suit. Writing more frequently will allow for greater detail, nuance, and context.

Don’t destroy your dopamine system scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Google alerts, company websites, press releases, and the far corners of the internet searching for the latest news from the pupa of the psychedelic emergence.

Let me destroy mine on your behalf.

In addition to Wednesday’s free-for-all-dispatch, you’ll get The Trip Report Pro every Monday and Friday with more in-depth news and analysis from the land of psychedelia.

These are indeed wild times, and The Trip Report aims to be your Ride or Die through the changing landscape of psychedelics.

Here’s the deal:

  • Wednesday posts will remain free and available to all

  • The new Monday and Friday posts will be subscriber-only with more in-depth and long-tail coverage of the news, events, deals, companies, policies along with analysis and commentary.

  • Subscriber-only community features (discussions, guest posts, AMAs, interviews, etc.)

  • $15/month or $150/year

  • For group, non-profit and student discounts email

The Trip Report is written and toiled over by Zach Haigney.