The Trip Report Community

Announcing a New Project: The Trip Report Community

In the last few months, we’ve seen a wave of psychedelic companies form and some have even gone public with no viable business plans whatsoever.

On the other hand, the thoughtful, pragmatic, and experienced psychedelic people who will be putting their hat in the ring with drug development, clinical infrastructure, drug discovery projects are quietly putting together their teams, strategizing, and fundraising.

At the same time, there are individuals with the business, legal, financial, pharmaceutical, and FDA compliance experience who are passionate about psychedelics and want to be involved with this movement but reluctant to offer their services to dubious actors.

The Trip Report readership has grown to a size where I think I can help connect these two parties.

If your psychedelic startup is in need of expertise in any of the above areas


you have professional experience in any of the above areas and you are looking for a psychedelic project

please send me an email ( and we’ll see if we can make meaningful connections.